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Facts about African Inspired Fashion

The popularity of the African inspired fashion has spread globally. This exposure to the African culture and dressing has come about due to the increased number of Africans living in the diaspora. As they go about their business as students, visitors or employees in Europe they tell volumes when they dress up in their cultural garments. Nonetheless many more people get to know about the African culture and dressing through their research on the internet. From this platforms, many people have had a glimpse into African wear and have desired to include this garments in their clothing line. The African wear is a cultural garment for the Western and Central African people but people from Eastern Africa also dress in it.

The European fashion industry has equally began to appreciate the African inspired fashion in recent times. Many fashion designers are showcasing this garments and even including them in their fashion lineup. A Western designer may opts to maintain the African cultural garment in its original form and it will still be stunning. Even when redesigned to include a bit of the Western trend, the African garment maintains its awe. Find clothes here on our website.

The African-styled clothing is normally unisex or distinct for men and women. The men’s garment in West Africa is a loose robe and a hat. There are special robes for formal meeting or functions yet some robes can also be used for less formal functions like Sunday outing. In the West African set up, the hat must accompany the robe. The hats are either referred to as the kufi or the agbada. This mens clothing site has interesting images. There is a special chiefs-wear and royal garment preserved for those in authority. The said garments can only be adorned the rulers and the royal. The women put on beautifully tailored African-style dresses with special head wrappers. There are also unisex clothing in this lineup which are usually pantsuits. The East African community dresses in the African inspired garments but it is not their traditional attire. The women in the east put on the African wear made of material commonly known as ‘kitenge’. Nonetheless, the lady of East Africa prefer to do away with the head gear.

The unisex pantsuit is fabulous when it is worn by couples. Additionally, the couples may also opt to have the lady in a skirt suit or dress made out of the African fabric while the man puts on pantsuit made out of the same material. It is usually adorable. Shop now for this unisex garment. Included in this African collection is the dashiki. The dashiki is a beautifully embroider shirt that can be worn by either gender. Usually, many people use it as a casual wear and put it on with a pair of jeans or a skirt.

The western designer are spoilt for choice when it comes to the African fashion. A simple flare skirt made out of the African fabric and a tshirt can do. They usually have a lineup of shorts, trousers, dresses and skirts. The African inspired fashion can be designed into formal and informal garments. Shop now from our online shops.

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